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Links to recommended sites worth visiting

The Hacarmel Coastal areas are reconsidered to be the most attractive touring area in Israel. It enjoys vacation sites, art galleries and numerous attractions for the entire family.

For your convenience have selected a few preferred links:

Ramat Hanadiv: 70 acres of cultivated gardens. Public concerts are held there in the summer.

Mechora farm: Guided horse rides across the area. No previous riding experience is required.

Paradive: Aerial diving and gliding shows are held in weekend and holidays. Free entrance.

Natural reserve Nachal Hamearot: (Caves' River) inside these primeval m caves audio –visual shows are given.

Caesarea Seaport: The glorious past of Caesarea comes alive.

The Emperors Spa: A spa mansion in the heart of Caesarea



Ross's ideas corner u



One of my favourite pastime is a good intellectual exchange. So if you do not come here to be left alone to enjoy all there is here for you… and there is plenty …and you enjoy a good conversation on any subject from politics to poetry, from rich personal experiences all over the world to theatre and literature I will be more than happy to join you, have a drink next to our lovely pool and enjoy an enriching conversation about almost any topic that makes life worth living.

Mey Kedem Park (Ancient Waters Park): A fascinating walk inside the reconstructed ancient Roman tunnel. You literally walk water (two feet deep) in a subterranean aqueduct

The artist's village of Ein Hod: You will find there numerous art galleries in varied interests.

"The Old Courtyard":  in kibbutz Ein Shemer- An active self participating centre for the entire family which includes a Turkish train ride, baking rolls in the reconstructed kibbutz bakery, a kibbutz history museum and other attraction. A must for children


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