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Sites worth seeing in the neighbourhood. Caesarea is surrounded by many sites worth visiting during your stay at Ross Tov Caesarea. For your convenience we have selected a few.

Caesarea old port- A magnificent journey full of attractions in which Caesarea's glorious past comes alive ( 5 minutes' drive from us )

The Aqueduct Beach- An official well maintained beach next to the aqueduct built by Harrods. At the beach you will find showers, toilets, light snacks, refreshments and parking.

The Golf Club- Caesarea's golf club is the only professional golf club in Israel. You will enjoy its spacious greens. Just next to it you will find Caesarea's country club with all its vast selection of sports and other activities and modern well equipped gym .

Diving Club- Take a magnificent peek into an archaeological underwater park. The diving course is well marked in the ancient Caesarea Port area.


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Caesarea national Park- The Park extends from the ancient Roman theatre in the south to the Crusaders' city at the north. It includes the Byzantine square, Harrods theatre, a street system, a public bath and other interesting attractions.

Rally's Museum- A Latin American and European arts museum which includes an archaeological exhibition depicting Caesarea in her different periods. Opening hours: Weekly 10:30-15:00. Closed on Sundays and Fridays


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